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    Polygraph Investigative Services provides highly reliable (accuracy of 98% - 100%), independent and strictly confidential polygraph testing aka lie detector testing services to Commercial, Private and Government clients all over Asia Pacific and Western countries. We conduct these lie detector tests in our office in Singapore or in countries where our clients are based, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Brunei, India, Middle East - United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We also received clients from Switzerland, Canada, USA, Finland and Europe. We conduct tests in English, Mandarin and Malay. Other languages are done through interpreters.

  •     This polygraph test is used to determine whether one partner had cheated the other e.g. has had sexual contact with anyone else besides his/her partner after they had committed to each other. At other times, the case could be about whether a partner had totally come clean after admitting to infidelity. It is also for those who feel that they are unfairly accused of infidelity. Popularised by American TV series, we have received an increasing number of such clients over the last 16 years, among Asians as well as those from western countries. However, the clients who come to us are not about fun and games. All of them have some serious matter concerning their relationships and have to make crucial decisions in their lives. We have clients bringing their spouses / partners from India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Middle East etc to our office in Singapore for the lie detector tests. There are also clients coming to Singapore alone to take the test and have the proceedings monitored 'live' by their partners back in their own countries via audio-video link-up. We also conduct this type of tests in their respective countries in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, in the comfort of their homes, hotel suites or meeting rooms.

        We also receive referrals from psychiatrists and family counsellors for polygraph testing in conjunction with their treatment programmes for couples involved in sexual issues affecting their relationship. All our polygraph tests are conducted with the highest standards of professionalism with sensitivity and strictest confidentiality. Chief Examiner Koa Fung Chew and his team have more than 16 years of experience in handling fidelity testing.

    Recommended Best Practices For Clients:

    • Transparency is most important in this type of cases. Keep your partner well informed of your intentions regarding this test.
    • During the pre-test interview, both parties be present to discuss case facts and finalise test questions.
    • During the testing phase, the partner should sit-in and watch the test.
    • Immediately after the test, the examiner will give a verbal report in the presence of both parties.
    • A written report will be given the following working day.

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