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        The polygraph chart presented above is that of one of the employees from the hard disk manufacturer who turned up for the polygraph tests conducted by Supt (Ret) Koa Fung Chew of Polygraph Investigative Services. This test was conducted on 20 November 2001 and the polygraph machine used was a 4-channel analogue model. Question 3R is "Do you know for sure who stole any of the missing platinum targets?" Question 5R is "Did you personally steal any of the missing platinum targets?" and Question 8R is "Were you involved in the theft of any of the missing platinum targets?" The answer was 'no'. The rest of the questions shown are technical questions.
         The above polygraph chart indicated deception to all the 3 abovementioned test questions and provided the breakthrough in the case. This employee subsequently confessed, implicated other accomplices, pleaded guilty in court and served a prison sentence together with the others.

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